Great pieces of art to buy! November 25 2015, 0 Comments

We have some amazing art in our gallery, some really collectable pieces by the likes of Bob Dylan (prices rising all the time) Marvel Limited Edition Prints which are all hand signed by Stan Lee and the latest Collection from Marvel Star Wars all hand signed and a collection chosen by Stan Lee. Then we have McAlpine Miller`s who`s work hangs in the Savoy London, see his collection on our website (collectable and prices rising). We also have the latest collection by Romero Britto if art interests you then read all about him on our website. Its all cool stuff with the biggest wow ever and so on trend for getting your home decorated for Christmas. Art makes beautiful gifts too for loved ones that's just how we started in the art business a new home and a Christmas gift in the form of a rather beautiful painting and now here we are a little family loving what we do!