Scarlett Raven & Marc Marot In the gallery 24th February February 09 2017, 0 Comments

What a dynamic duo Scarlett she Paints like Van Gogh her paintings so poignantly painted and steeped in history with the themes of world wars running through them.On first glance these beautiful paintings are joyful fresh looking and ignite your soul.We then see the augmented reality put together with her co driver Marc to form a story for each painting ...poetry letters and visual imaging animated to tell the story of the Somme and the battle of Jutland .Never been done before truly groundbreaking, these wonderful people so unassuming Marc has a career in music managing and scouting some very big names in the record industry and Scarlett the daughter of a Raphael Ravencroft who made Gerry Raffitys hit Baker Street a worldwide sensation with his solo saxophone. Wonderful art. The most captivating collection see it on the 24th February in all its glory at trident Galleries both Scarlett and Marc are joining us and we cannot wait!