Hamish Blakely


Hamish Blakely has always loved painting people, favouring glimpses of figures and anatomy. Even in the enormous, allegorical works of classical masters, he has always been drawn to confined areas of a piece - a spotlit area that reveals a rigid jaw line, or the twist in a turned neck.

History and Background

Hamish Blakely comes from a theatrical background. Drawing was the original expression. He would draw an awful lot, trying to emulate other artists, to understand how they created what they did; but sketching it was, and remained to be, until he found the mettle to use colour. This changed everything.

Ideas and Inspirations

Artists, composers, singers, dancers or writers all have a memorable effect. But sometimes, it is more valuable to notice something not quite so obviously stirring. Often, a glance at the fashion section of the Sunday supplements has shown me something special. The non-posed images of particular models backstage. The structure of their faces still appeals to the light, but now they are distracted and less self-conscious.

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