Keith Proctor


The Northumberland countryside had a massive influence on Keith's life. It helped him to see the real quiet beauty of nature, thus encouraging him to draw and paint it. He began painting the river then birds, dogs, horses, people and town scenes of Newcastle Upon Tyne.

History and Background

Keith Proctor has been painting all his life. Having had no formal art training, he is a self taught artist who was first encouraged by his late father Mark Proctor, who was a commercial artist. The past few years have seen Keith return to full time painting, having previously taken some time away from the obsessional painting routine he had fallen into.

Ideas and Inspirations

Keith finds inspiration for his work all around himself, all the time. He is constantly observing shape, light and colour. It is the colours in reflected light, and the study of the effects that colours have on each other that interests him most. Other artist's work he admires include Raymond Harris Ching and the late Manfred Shatz, particularly admiring their mastery of capturing light and shade.

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