Louis Sidoli

Louis Sidoli’s fusion of different artistic mediums and inspiring techniques demonstrates that he is a talent who likes to push the boundaries and challenge the concept of what art is, and what it can do.

History and Background

Louis Sidoli comes from an artistic Anglo Italian family and displayed an aptitude for art at an early age.

However rather than taking the traditional art school route, Sidoli carved out a successful design career in the car industry for over 15 years, working for well known brands such as BMW, Mini and Land Rover.

His commercial experience was in fact to become the building block for Sidoli's artistic techniques and he believes his affinity for 'high tech' artistic mediums such as aluminium was developed as a result of his product design background.

Louis Sidoli lives and works in Warwickshire & London. His work is sought after by many collectors, including well known celebrities.

Ideas and Inspirations

Sidoli grew up absorbing the pop culture, album cover art & MTV videos of the 1970’s & 80’s, which, along with an enduring fascination with Andy Warhol, have had a powerful impact on his work.

His artistic exploration of fame, infamy and 'fallen icons' is evolving the Pop Art genre that began with Andy Warhol, as he continues Warhol's printmaking legacy through the experimental use of new materials, technology and a "lens-eye view" of fame and celebrity.

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