Neil Dawson

Neil had always loved art as a child and whilst growing up at school. He continued his artistic education at Central Saint Martins College in London and continues to learn on a daily basis in the studio.

Neil found his course at Central Saint Martins very interesting and enjoyable even though he felt he struggled with some aspects of the course and, at the time, it put him off pursuing a career in art.

He had enjoyed the freedom, spontaneity and escapism of painting and the way he could lose himself in the creative process, but he did not know how to talk about his work and to an extent he did not want to.

After the spell at art college Neil went on to do a degree in economics and then a job in banking, not picking up a paint brush for many years.

It was an extended period of travel that rekindled Neil's love of art. Whilst travelling, his camera was his artistic outlet as he tried to capture elements of his new, exciting surroundings.

When Neil got home, he dusted off the palette and paints in an attempt to recapture some of the sights and feelings from his time abroad.

He quickly realised how much he had missed creating art and hasn't looked back since.

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