Following the completion of her Graphic Design degree at Leeds Metropolitan University, Shazia travelled across Latin America and Africa. The trip continues to inspire her artistic career.

History and Background

Travelling played a pivotal role in Shazia's artistic career, giving her the freedom to develop her own ideas. She drew using only pen and paper; a process in which the virtues of simplicity unravel the sentiments. This has produced, in Shazia's opinion, her most honest and frank sketches to date.

Ideas and Inspirations

On returning to the UK, Shazia worked as a studio designer, serving a high-profile company. As an artist, it was a certainly a complete contrast from the heady days of travelling and challenging at the best of times. To reign in on this fast-moving and often high-paced working atmosphere, she left the studio and took on freelance work for the next five years, before starting a family and embarking on a career as a full-time artist.