Simon Claridge Diamond Dust Collection and Playboy Collection


History and Background

Upon graduating with a degree in fine art, Simon Claridge began working at an art gallery in Windsor whilst painting feverishly every night; all the while harbouring the dream of one day having his work hung on the walls. Becoming frustrated that things were not happening fast enough, Simon filled the windows of the gallery with his own canvases – without the owner's consent. . It'sday all the canvases had sold - that was the last weekend Simon worked in the gallery.

Ideas and Inspirations

Simon wants his work to have an initial raw impact which, given time, perhaps will inspire memories and fantasies, which can become intertwined. It's this line between fantasy and reality, which Simon believes we all walk on from time to time, that inspires his work. His goal is to leave to the viewer some tangible emotional feeling. If the flat areas of colour he creates on the canvas' surface can be given depth in the imagination of the viewer then he feels it's been successful